When a referral is made, a full assessment will be undertaken by the Registered Manager, who will involve the service user, family, friends, and other professionals, before any admission.  Time and attention are given to the assessment to ensure that Aaron House will be able to meet the needs of the service user and careful consideration is given to ensure that the person and other service users will be able to live together successfully.


After the assessment, there will be a written contract setting out the terms and conditions of the residency and detailing all of the services to be provided and the cost. The contract will also include an agreement by both the home and the service user as to their rights and responsibilities.


Before admission, all new service users are invited to visit the home to ensure its suitability. The number, duration and nature of these visits are determined by the needs of the individual. These visits may include overnight stays and/or visiting for a meal. Prospective service users have the opportunity to choose and view their room, meet staff and other service users, and talk about any concerns or issues they have.


There are currently only 3 available rooms left.  If you are looking for a placement or enquiring about a possible referral, please contact:


             Patrick Mulligan (Owner) or Stephanie Winborn (Manager) at:-

             Aaron House Care Ltd

             Aaron House

             Nympsfield Road



             GL6 0ET


             Tel:- 01453 833598

             Email:- patrick.mulligan@aaronhousecare.co.uk


We also have a statement of purpose and a brochure that we can forward should you wish.